Life Cards, A deck of 40 handy well designed cards for all occasions

Haven’t been able to write for a while due to  various commitments. However, I really wanted to share these fabulous cards with people. What a fantastic idea! Love them! 

Hopefully get back to my writing more when I’m back from Ibiza feeling inspired!


A Little Peace of Bliss in Betws Y Coed, Wales.

A Little Peace of Bliss in Betws Y Coed, Wales.


We sort of stumbled across this place as were driving around Wales and since coming home and telling people about it, everyone seems to know it!  Where have I been these last years, I do sometimes feel like a child just discovering the world, whilst everyone else replies “yes, we know dear” lol??!


It really is one of the most picturesque places that I have been to and one that you don’t have to find anything to do, you can just sit and admire the views.  Go for walks along the river, have a bite to eat or drink in one of many riverside eateries.  I love Craft Shops too and there were a couple of fab ones here.  There was also a little train ride that you could take but unfortunately we didn’t see that until we were leaving.  I took a lot of photographs as you can see but I’m not the most seasoned photographer.  I try to put my camera and phone away for the majority of the time when I’m visiting places like this but sometimes you need to share these memories.

I brought my grandson one of the nosiest instruments I could possibly find from the Craft store.  I’m sure my son was impressed with me! Ha ha!  Still though, payback time for all the times he thought it was ok to wake at 3am and decide it was time to get up and play!  I won’t go too far though, he might have to decide my nursing home when I get to that age, better keep him happy!



Anyway, back to Wales, if you ever find yourself here, do look in on Betws Y Coed.  Quaint and pretty, doesn’t quite do it justice.  With the river running through the middle and the mix of old stone buildings, beautiful countryside and the hills across the skyline, you can’t help but feel at peace.  Imagine living here, how fortunate!


Those without sin cast the first stone!

I’m constantly reminded and in particular through social media of just how judgemental we have become. Right from the meme’s on how ‘a real man should’ or ‘if she’s a real woman she will’ through to the ‘ten ways to tell if you’re man is cheating.’ Lol! 

What are we doing? Why are we being so judgemental? I’m pretty sure that a real man or woman is something that’s decided as part of biology. Now whether or not you’re a nice person is something quite different and quite frankly not for me to judge.

We also constantly see people being judged by their jobs, how much they earn or whether or not they get up at the crack of dawn to work their asses off. Does that mean then that the homeless man on the street that feeds his dog before himself is a lesser person than he who gets up at 6am to go and work in a factory.

Why not stop judging people? Let them live their lives and show kindness wherever we can. Help people and build them up instead of making them feel small if they don’t fit into your perception of worthiness. I dont believe we’re here to judge, I believe we’re here to be happy, to experience life and to love others.

So much junk!

I know we are all from different parts of the world so things may be a little different but here in the UK, I am still getting heaps of junk mail through my front door. 

I wonder why large corporate companies are still doing this? In a world where technology can not only find you exactly what you want but you can also get thousands of reviews on it too. 

One of the companies that I’m talking about sends me a bulking envelope at least once a month. It has one of those silly cardboard pretend credit cards attached to it?

I must put at least ninety nine percent of my physical mail straight into recycle. Well no more, I’m being like Victor Meldrew from the show One Foot In The Grave! I’m going to spoil the application form and their silly pretend credit cards. They can pay their pre paid post and do their own shredding and recycling. Maybe if we all did it, they would stop wasting our paper and leave us more trees!

Ghost, shadow, reflection or pattern? What is it?



So I have shown this photo to virtually everyone that’s walked through the door and only three people can see what I do.  As most people that know me already think I’m bonkers anyway, I thought I would put it on here.  Now, I don’t say I believe in ghosts, I actually have no idea of their existance or not but I quite clearly see a figure on the right of the window.  I’m not a photographer, so I don’t know what else may have caused it but it’s definitely there.  The thing that makes it so funny is that I had just said to my partner “maybe I will catch a ghost? duh duh”  That was meant to indicate that I hummed the tune to the twilight zone, don’t think “duh duh” quite captured the melody! lol!

The photograph was taken at Harlech Castle in Wales and you might need to look at it on a desktop because it might be too small on a phone. Anyway, I thought it interesting enough to share here and would welcome any comments!  What do you think? … Or do you know what it is?


Castle you say?! Tyr Graig Castle, Barmouth.

After our delightful stay at Abel’s Harp in Shrewsbury, we moved on to Barmouth.  It’s so exciting to get that first view of the ocean and smell the salty, sea air, combined with the aroma of  traditional fish and chips shops.

We parked up on the promenade greeted by the fabulous Welsh dragon and although breezy, it was quite mild.  I think we’re a little obsessed with the weather here in the UK and the reason is simple, it’s because it’s so unpredictable!  We almost have to walk around with a bag of varying garment types to cope! Cardigan for when it gets cold, rain coat, umbrella, flip flops, full shoe.  I sometimes wonder if we are the only country that can be freezing cold and wet in one moment, to sweltering hot in the next? Bizarre!!

After arriving we realised that neither of us had brought the address of the castle we were staying in … oops lol!  We tried to look it up on our “not so smart phones” because we could get no signal, at all, anywhere. I think the lady in the Tourist Centre thought we were joking  when we went in and said that we have come to stay in a castle, but had forgotten the name and didn’t know the address!  After a description from the picture’s we had seen in the booklet, she knew which one we were talking about.  It was actually clearly visible from where we stood ha ha!

I love being able to say that I’ve stayed in a castle and we had the most amazing time.  The breakfast was lush and the people were so warm and friendly.  We did lots of sightseeing which I will talk about in later blogs.  Of course, we did the traditional walk along the beach whilst eating our fish and chips.  Wales is a stunning place, and I can not wait to go again.  Even if the breeze was so hard, the sand was lashing my face, it was worth every sand coated chip!  What a beautiful country Wales is, I really wanted to stay longer.

Weekend of bliss! Starting with Abels Harp, Shrewsbury!



“Its no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then”

Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

What a fantastic little place we found ourselves in! We were on our way to stay in Barmouth, which was a gift for our Birthday’s.  My partner was looking for a decently priced place to stay over half way through our journey.  So he tells me, he’s booked us a lovely little chalet in a place in Shrewsbury, its pretty much half way for us so all good.

When I realised that the “lovely little chalet” was actually a glamping chalet, I nearly cancelled lol!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had many years enjoyment from camping but those years are done now and I want a sink, shower and toilet at least.  Doesn’t have to be five star but I don’t want to be hopping over mice and fearfully treading my steps so not to squish a frog, busy on its way to the local pond for a dip!  I am sooo happy that I didn’t cancel.  It’s such a delightful place!  My first time glamping!


It’s themed around Alice In Wonderland, with a lot of reference to other classic tales too.  There are rooms available to book within the Inn itself but my partner hadn’t realised which type he had booked but it turned out to be just fine.  We got there towards evening so decided to eat there and the food was delicious and plenty!


We took the short path up to the chalet and were completely bowled over with the breath taking views across the hills and fields.  We have such beautiful countryside in the UK, I really do hope building and construction doesn’t continue at the rate its been so far.  The chalet itself was actually surprisingly very cosy indeed!  There was a double bed, with lights.  Tea and coffee making facilities with supplies.  Two chairs on the veranda so that you can sit outdoors and soak up those beautiful views.  There was also a hot tub, which regrettably, I hadn’t prepared for so didn’t test it out.  There’s also animals wandering around that didn’t seem to mind us at all.


Having lived in the city my whole life, I crave for these views and to breath in the country air.  This place couldn’t have been more perfect to give me my much needed fix.  I would have loved to do some meditation there but I slept so well and so late!


It is also a popular venue for weddings and as you can see from the picture’s above, it makes a lovely setting.  It was quite cold and breezy when we arrived but I would have loved to sit out here, definitely next time!


Very quaint and unique dining/bar area.  We had our evening meal and breakfast here, there is so much to take in within this room, you just don’t want to leave!


The views from the dining room are stunning, so even if you weren’t staying here, you can still basque in the views whilst stopping by for a drink or a bite to eat.


Lovely surprise waiting for us in our chalet!  I needed this time out so much, I have always felt that I was never meant for City living and so far circumstance has kept me there.  Here is my next goal though, to move to a place of choice.  To be where I feel like I belong, overlooking fields with my feet on grass, watching the animals graze.

“It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are thoroughly alive.  There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger after them.”

George Eliot, The Mill On The Floss.