We sort of stumbled across this place as were driving around Wales and since coming home and telling people about it, everyone seems to know it!  Where have I been these last years, I do sometimes feel like a child just discovering the world, whilst everyone else replies “yes, we know dear” lol??!


It really is one of the most picturesque places that I have been to and one that you don’t have to find anything to do, you can just sit and admire the views.  Go for walks along the river, have a bite to eat or drink in one of many riverside eateries.  I love Craft Shops too and there were a couple of fab ones here.  There was also a little train ride that you could take but unfortunately we didn’t see that until we were leaving.  I took a lot of photographs as you can see but I’m not the most seasoned photographer.  I try to put my camera and phone away for the majority of the time when I’m visiting places like this but sometimes you need to share these memories.

I brought my grandson one of the nosiest instruments I could possibly find from the Craft store.  I’m sure my son was impressed with me! Ha ha!  Still though, payback time for all the times he thought it was ok to wake at 3am and decide it was time to get up and play!  I won’t go too far though, he might have to decide my nursing home when I get to that age, better keep him happy!



Anyway, back to Wales, if you ever find yourself here, do look in on Betws Y Coed.  Quaint and pretty, doesn’t quite do it justice.  With the river running through the middle and the mix of old stone buildings, beautiful countryside and the hills across the skyline, you can’t help but feel at peace.  Imagine living here, how fortunate!



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