Those without sin cast the first stone!

I’m constantly reminded and in particular through social media of just how judgemental we have become. Right from the meme’s on how ‘a real man should’ or ‘if she’s a real woman she will’ through to the ‘ten ways to tell if you’re man is cheating.’ Lol! 

What are we doing? Why are we being so judgemental? I’m pretty sure that a real man or woman is something that’s decided as part of biology. Now whether or not you’re a nice person is something quite different and quite frankly not for me to judge.

We also constantly see people being judged by their jobs, how much they earn or whether or not they get up at the crack of dawn to work their asses off. Does that mean then that the homeless man on the street that feeds his dog before himself is a lesser person than he who gets up at 6am to go and work in a factory.

Why not stop judging people? Let them live their lives and show kindness wherever we can. Help people and build them up instead of making them feel small if they don’t fit into your perception of worthiness. I dont believe we’re here to judge, I believe we’re here to be happy, to experience life and to love others.


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