So much junk!

I know we are all from different parts of the world so things may be a little different but here in the UK, I am still getting heaps of junk mail through my front door. 

I wonder why large corporate companies are still doing this? In a world where technology can not only find you exactly what you want but you can also get thousands of reviews on it too. 

One of the companies that I’m talking about sends me a bulking envelope at least once a month. It has one of those silly cardboard pretend credit cards attached to it?

I must put at least ninety nine percent of my physical mail straight into recycle. Well no more, I’m being like Victor Meldrew from the show One Foot In The Grave! I’m going to spoil the application form and their silly pretend credit cards. They can pay their pre paid post and do their own shredding and recycling. Maybe if we all did it, they would stop wasting our paper and leave us more trees!


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