Castle you say?! Tyr Graig Castle, Barmouth.

After our delightful stay at Abel’s Harp in Shrewsbury, we moved on to Barmouth.  It’s so exciting to get that first view of the ocean and smell the salty, sea air, combined with the aroma of  traditional fish and chips shops.

We parked up on the promenade greeted by the fabulous Welsh dragon and although breezy, it was quite mild.  I think we’re a little obsessed with the weather here in the UK and the reason is simple, it’s because it’s so unpredictable!  We almost have to walk around with a bag of varying garment types to cope! Cardigan for when it gets cold, rain coat, umbrella, flip flops, full shoe.  I sometimes wonder if we are the only country that can be freezing cold and wet in one moment, to sweltering hot in the next? Bizarre!!

After arriving we realised that neither of us had brought the address of the castle we were staying in … oops lol!  We tried to look it up on our “not so smart phones” because we could get no signal, at all, anywhere. I think the lady in the Tourist Centre thought we were joking  when we went in and said that we have come to stay in a castle, but had forgotten the name and didn’t know the address!  After a description from the picture’s we had seen in the booklet, she knew which one we were talking about.  It was actually clearly visible from where we stood ha ha!

I love being able to say that I’ve stayed in a castle and we had the most amazing time.  The breakfast was lush and the people were so warm and friendly.  We did lots of sightseeing which I will talk about in later blogs.  Of course, we did the traditional walk along the beach whilst eating our fish and chips.  Wales is a stunning place, and I can not wait to go again.  Even if the breeze was so hard, the sand was lashing my face, it was worth every sand coated chip!  What a beautiful country Wales is, I really wanted to stay longer.


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